Stalked by a Healer



grayscale photography of a person with scarf

Death died,

I’ve been stalked by a Healer.

He hangs my gallows in the

vale of the shadow

of doubt, yeah here

black and white dead die diving

disabilities, disabled

by the River of Light-

self-destruct – murdered

black and white photo of holding hands

loss, lost

emptiness, emptied

poverty, bankrupt

rejection rejected,

low light photo of opened book


tempests stormed,

war, bombed

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

heartbreak, broken-

pickpockets, stolen,

loneliness, de-friended,


I don’t know how, but just now,

death died,

I’ve been stalked

by the Healer….


man walking on floor



Called, Chosen

Streets are people

Houses are homes

Our bones are souls,

Each different,unique

like fingers in a palm.

Why’re they asking me to fit in

like they do


In an Age of Rude….

I get this !

Listen. watch when you can,

interview  shortly …




Prayer can empower ?

When we still in school Moua would call us around her for Sunday prayers after ghee rice lunch sometimes under the Casuarina trees overlooking the sapphire Bay of Bengal.  She used to have these wide dark eyes fringed with lashes so black you wondered if that was mascara, but of course it wasn’t.  Moua was not exactly an aunt, nor old enough to be one, but she was full of kindness. I remembered her today because of another person Kavi L and not so prone to kindnesses, which is her right, but she has the same brilliance like Moua – what’s with these people ?

Three hours after Kavi L finished her chatter on painting and how people who  ‘pay peanuts must be monkeys’ or something like that,we walked past the bazaar where old things and stolen things are sold as antique but you might find the Kohinoor diamond who knows….

well, Kavi L turns around and says this slow and clear, ‘I love the power I receive after praying and don’t let anyone rubbish that…”

I didn’t dare ask anymore questions ; the sun sinks back a bit at the grin on Kavi’s face.


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‘Here I am’



Here I am, breaking as Day,

a green that is gold, wings that unfold

Light searing  thru’ every ragged word

I will not bow to desecration of the human race

I have learned to say : Here

I am,

hey, “… here I

AM !” she said.

( This Post inspired by one of the finest Artist- Poets in a Decade of Indifference : Scin Chapman Manuszak )

Scin Chapman Manuszak

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Breaking in all the right places…

I will not let go of anything

except what I don’t need

to with hold

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The story of one rickshaw puller…

In 1987, a 74-year old rickshaw puller by the name of Bai Fangli came back to his hometown planning to retire from his backbreaking job. There, he saw children working in the fields, because they were too poor to afford school fees.

Bai returned to Tianjin and went back to work as a rickshaw puller, taking a modest accommodation next to the railway station. He waited for clients 24 hours a day, ate simple food and wore discarded second-hand clothes he found. He gave all of his hard-earned earnings to support children who could not afford education.

In 2001, he drove his rickshaw to Tianjin YaoHua Middle School, to deliver his last installment of money. Nearly 90 years old, he told the students that he couldn’t work any more. All of the students and teachers were moved to tears.

In total, Bai had donated a total of 350,000 yuan to help more than 300 poor students continue with their studies. In 2005, Bai passed away leaving behind an inspiring legacy.

If a rickshaw-puller who wore used clothes and had no education can support 300 children to go to school, imagine what you and I can do with the resources we have to bring about positive change in our world!

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