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In an Age of Rude….

I get this !

Listen. watch when you can,

interview  shortly …





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Bandit Queen 1994: The Film & the woman

In a male dominated world of casteism, and  violations, how on earth did she get to be a dacoit queen ? Horrified -awe…Bandit Queen (1994) – Film AnalysisThe film is a horrific account of lower-caste rebel and the indomitable Phoolan Devi, who goes all out to defy the norms of a regressive society. The seed of rebellion is sown when she is married to a man over 20 years older. She is all 11. Life becomes a series of debacles then on, for Phoolan. She is treated as an outcast, gets thrown out of her village, joins a gang of local goons in a nearby village, and eventually rises to power as the only woman bandit. The film recounts her life from the tender age of 11 till she surrenders as a bandit, 15 years after. The journey is painful, soul-stirring. It haunts you long after you’ve seen the film, leaving you with a sense of helplessness and remorse.  Bandit Queen, Directed by Shekhar Kapur, Poster

via Bandit Queen (1994) – Film Analysis.


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There are no words left

… so often, we are just a series of things

done wrong, dear God, a series

of things I could still do, if only

I could be a real human too

not just a man, or a woman,

but a real human, is hard ;

I have tried,will try again.

Sometimes when there are no words,

when we have broken

are broken,

we are most


The Right to Not Remain Silent.English: An ethnic Wife of Dhaneshwaran from t...

via The Right to Not Remain Silent.


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