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In an Age of Rude….

I get this !

Listen. watch when you can,

interview  shortly …





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Prayer can empower ?

When we still in school Moua would call us around her for Sunday prayers after ghee rice lunch sometimes under the Casuarina trees overlooking the sapphire Bay of Bengal.  She used to have these wide dark eyes fringed with lashes so black you wondered if that was mascara, but of course it wasn’t.  Moua was not exactly an aunt, nor old enough to be one, but she was full of kindness. I remembered her today because of another person Kavi L and not so prone to kindnesses, which is her right, but she has the same brilliance like Moua – what’s with these people ?

Three hours after Kavi L finished her chatter on painting and how people who  ‘pay peanuts must be monkeys’ or something like that,we walked past the bazaar where old things and stolen things are sold as antique but you might find the Kohinoor diamond who knows….

well, Kavi L turns around and says this slow and clear, ‘I love the power I receive after praying and don’t let anyone rubbish that…”

I didn’t dare ask anymore questions ; the sun sinks back a bit at the grin on Kavi’s face.


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‘I smell rain..’

images (14)

Dry broke God nah!- You drop skies of fire gold

Light falling in the soul Dearest let it Rain

let go of the night, things we never did or could,

things lost and not to behold, we waited for dawn we

lived in the dusk, now a new thing : deserts filled with rain

depths untouched hold flood gates of heaven

how could we have known  if we never

were parched earth long enough

knowing the thirst, seeing the quenching

never letting it,

but now asking the healing …

let it rain

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Invisible Crime


Emerge. Mixed media RN

Emerge Mixed Media RN

I spent so much time upset about my neighbours’ rudeness, about intolerance and casteism, about rape and brutalities, about garbage disposal failure and cultural mean- nesses. Till God shoved me against the Wall and asked me for the nth time to forgive. To be good to those around me. Even myself.

So  took out my broom and rinsed scraped- swept out my life ; now  I stand horrified at the Unforgiven places of my life. How I never forgive, how I have played host to people I cannot say ” NO ” to, what a people pleaser I have been my entire life ! I saw that, and could never forgive, even myself.

Have you been there ? Oh just get out, get a life, no one asks us to serve life sentences like that. Some may ask, what this watercolour painting has to do with this post ? I have no idea. It just went together – belongs to a watercolour series ( sold) called Seasons of the soul..

Seasons of the Soul RNoel watercolour


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Beloved, have you too…

 ..have you too been held long enough, loved enough :
‘ ..beloved…’, He said,
after that I saw with new eyes…Lord Yehovah..

( inspired by this  folkdance video & Frank Minnu’s Photography)
…is a young and talented artist with heart and eyes that capture a Universe so rich with creativity. These are a few of his Stills – each tells a story. If a Picture can tell a thousand Words, this is it. To Caption each photograph here, would be near impossible,
for the heart of this 19 year old, looks from within, to his Maker. “Each of us has a certain Call on our lives, I am looking to God to fulfill the purpose for which I was born..”
frankminnuphotography, bangaloreIndia


” Beyond what eye has seen or ear has heard, nor entered the heart of man, such things has God prepared for those who call on His name..”


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Comfort Food*

Simple tomato chutney. We also had some goat c...

I never knew it *existed, except in books, but here it was all over me today as I walked past the Bakery and Food Joint next to it : The Aromas of fresh bread and Rotis, layered rolls and fine chopped green chillies and roasting onions. Kitsi had just got on the school bus and I have  a few minutes to start the next leg of my day, but this halts me, takes me miles all over an earth so seasoned with aroma…

Puri is made mainly from atta

Bhala Papri chaat in dahi with Saunth chutney

sigh.Tomatoes spiked with sweet chilly sauce, mint chutney, molten cheese garlic bread. If anyone noticed me lingering at the Bakers‘ they did not say. Buttered Puri, seasoned fried potatoes in curry leaf and cumin seed. Reminds me of a back yard run wild with Gourd and Ma’s coariander – and beans. Red pickles and green masala stew, piping hot, waiting as we hurried in –

dear God, You did all things so good and left my cooking to me ?? 🙂  But thanks for the trust here, thanks for teaching me to love it. Never understood but hospitality sure is a massive bridge. Also Tables and Meal times at home. With guests. I never courted hospitality, but of late, understand what a Social bridge it can be. Even a cup of tea, an icecream… heavens even shared chewing gum as we cross the street,,, and for some of us… even looking at food ads.. ( for me… oh I love that Baker..)

Garlic bread, dinner plate and my kitchen tabl...

Garlic bread, dinner plate and my kitchen table. It was expired but I ate it anyway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Ripe & Unripe fruits of the Curry lea...

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