In an Age of Rude….

I get this !

Listen. watch when you can,

interview  shortly …





Did I suspect ..?

Dear God,

Sometimes it is worth the wait, for a dream to come true. Even dreams and wishes change. Didn’t we all know that ? And yet, this is a new thing, to know how much a person can be humbled within, to change. To never mind insult. To not even notice hate. To forgive move on, be smacking grateful for the view. Dearest Lord, did You know we could all change this much ? Esp me ?

Did I even know – I was a painting ? An instrument – strung with tension, chord and bar ; that this and that would be the song in the dark, in the light, in the roof top and other unheard of places…

Did we know the bigger picture – how could I at least – am this size, I thought, these here were just arms and feet… these here, were just eyes and ears and nose and toes… how could I have known, these are what tones and melodies, or discord are made of…

but now that I know – ah now that I know, and its been made clear… am staring anew, dear God…  there’s so much now I may not misunderstand….

never realised we are your song…



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Yeah man shall not live by bread alone but by every word You speak

so speak Lord, lest I forget what I said You said , about us all:

back then and now and forever more –

the voice of a 1.27 billion here

everywhere / voiceless- ness-es,

Peoples without tongue or tribe,

subsidize our spirits, make it Light

once more…




Underground passage memorial in Wroclaw– Poland

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No this is more than a cynical post

This is a photograph of two idiots  that harassed my friend two days ago. 

She was travelling in a rick – and it was in the middle of the afternoon, as you can tell. They followed her rickshaw, they were obvious about their interest and didn’t stop rash riding next to her for a very long time, just so they could stare and make remarks. When the rickshaw driver told them to back off and ride properly, they held on to her rickshaw.

We’ve had our bags stolen, we’ve had men stare and make nasty remarks too. This time last year – I wouldn’t have put this up.
But today, I feel like it’s important for everyone to see these faces. Important for people to acknowledge that this sort of behaviour isn’t okay. It’s not safe either. I’m glad she clicked this photograph – but it also scared the shit out of me because I was worried.

A lot of times, teasing doesn’t stop right here. Every day, we get out of our homes, unsure of our safety as women, and the sad part is – we are all to be blamed for it. For all I know, these men have done much worse in the past & probably gotten away with it. That’s why they are still roaming around freely.

Their faces deserved to be exposed. … It’s just not okay.

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The story of one rickshaw puller…

In 1987, a 74-year old rickshaw puller by the name of Bai Fangli came back to his hometown planning to retire from his backbreaking job. There, he saw children working in the fields, because they were too poor to afford school fees.

Bai returned to Tianjin and went back to work as a rickshaw puller, taking a modest accommodation next to the railway station. He waited for clients 24 hours a day, ate simple food and wore discarded second-hand clothes he found. He gave all of his hard-earned earnings to support children who could not afford education.

In 2001, he drove his rickshaw to Tianjin YaoHua Middle School, to deliver his last installment of money. Nearly 90 years old, he told the students that he couldn’t work any more. All of the students and teachers were moved to tears.

In total, Bai had donated a total of 350,000 yuan to help more than 300 poor students continue with their studies. In 2005, Bai passed away leaving behind an inspiring legacy.

If a rickshaw-puller who wore used clothes and had no education can support 300 children to go to school, imagine what you and I can do with the resources we have to bring about positive change in our world!

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This Beautiful multi – talented 66 year old Mom

I ‘ve always loved you, how could I not,

but today – never loved you like I love you

today, India.


Rayla Noel's photo.

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The Spirit of India : Compassion & Intelligence

( This is not another post about India being the most dangerous place on earth for women (UN)

Photo: Ye bhi TajMahal se kam nahi !

Photo: Ye bhi TajMahal se kam nahi ! ( Nothing less than the Taj Mahal)

There are some unknown, awesome people in our lives, people we know and do not, that have made existence easier for us. Thank you Dads, brothers, friends, people everywhere and in particular men, who certainly are underrated. YES< publicity works for the bad guys, the yuk stories, the kidnappers and the lecherous. Where are the good guys  ? They almost never show up, but they are there, in our homes and lives, in blogosphere and communities around – in simple ways and larger, keeping our Faith in India, as She really is.

May you be noticed, applauded, may you and your tribe increase. 🙂  May you be blessed where you go, may your life  be like a Tree planted by Streams of Living Water, bearing Fruit in season and out. May You find Rivers in Deserts, fine orchards in the wilderness. May you be written about in our Childrens’ Textbooks, may streets and highways, towns and cities be named after you…  

( Said with smiles, and the uttermost respect ..)

As we hit another milestone of Independence as a Nation, ( 67 ?), may you read this and know you are admired, not just by this representative of the female population of India, but by all of us.



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