My worst kept secret


Darkness told me of the Light

eyes portrait person girl

how it shrank from Its density

told me of Light’s path, Its ways

how nothing could kill It,

It just went on, as if It were immortal,

as if darkness itself were just Its absence.


Light fell like Rain in my eyes

It dripped my desert

dripped It dry – my life was never the tunnel

was never the tunnel –







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Stalked by a Healer



grayscale photography of a person with scarf

Death died,

I’ve been stalked by a Healer.

He hangs my gallows in the

vale of the shadow

of doubt, yeah here

black and white dead die diving

disabilities, disabled

by the River of Light-

self-destruct – murdered

black and white photo of holding hands

loss, lost

emptiness, emptied

poverty, bankrupt

rejection rejected,

low light photo of opened book


tempests stormed,

war, bombed

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

heartbreak, broken-

pickpockets, stolen,

loneliness, de-friended,


I don’t know how, but just now,

death died,

I’ve been stalked

by the Healer….


man walking on floor


Sing Soul


adult art ballerina ballet

Sing Soul, shout! Leave, unhinge your dis- ease,

this body is a gift wrap, a heartbeat

a wrist full of pulse, a human cage for all we don’t



Oh soul soul, I have done Life, done Time

cultured all my viral bacteria, my bones and salt tears,

my human gardens of hate oh, I

wasted wealth praying

for tinsel stars and plates of grass;


Forgive me, I once merely asked

for grave -deep health, never knelt at what

we couldn’t touch; Coward, I

acknowledged only-  touchables


So, Nah, how could there be duet

with soul-

we are 7 billion+ none not one

extinguishable, for soul


Ah Look

with unhinged eyes, know

the indefatigable  invisible Mind

sing this Thing, I could not before,



Yell of Its Depth, It’s width It’s infinite Shore

Bailing out our thirsty planet-puddles



sing of how It sews our fracture

of how It buries our dark,

oh how It’s Light walks through all our

distortions of Glass, my soul Sing,


like We are each other’s song

like We are all we’ve got! Here,

where no sting no death no letting go

no creation of waste nor Playhouse of hate – like

-we -have -no- soul?!                                                                                          


Here even here Sing, before

hell hangs Debate. I once was a child but

now I know my soul, my mind, my life,

leave, shut that cage,





In an Age of Rude….

I get this !

Listen. watch when you can,

interview  shortly …




Why we fight…

It fills everything, your mysteries and mine.

What lies behind your eyes, I mean really,

and behind mine – will we ever know ? Maybe

a glimpse here or there… in the page we write,

papers we subscribe, or song&dance we bring home,

the things we do not say, or do not know that we know – maybe that

is why we fight, 

all the mysteries we do not


for sure..

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