Sing Soul


adult art ballerina ballet

Sing Soul, shout! Leave, unhinge your dis- ease,

this body is a gift wrap, a heartbeat

a wrist full of pulse, a human cage for all we don’t



Oh soul soul, I have done Life, done Time

cultured all my viral bacteria, my bones and salt tears,

my human gardens of hate oh, I

wasted wealth praying

for tinsel stars and plates of grass;


Forgive me, I once merely asked

for grave -deep health, never knelt at what

we couldn’t touch; Coward, I

acknowledged only-  touchables


So, Nah, how could there be duet

with soul-

we are 7 billion+ none not one

extinguishable, for soul


Ah Look

with unhinged eyes, know

the indefatigable  invisible Mind

sing this Thing, I could not before,



Yell of Its Depth, It’s width It’s infinite Shore

Bailing out our thirsty planet-puddles



sing of how It sews our fracture

of how It buries our dark,

oh how It’s Light walks through all our

distortions of Glass, my soul Sing,


like We are each other’s song

like We are all we’ve got! Here,

where no sting no death no letting go

no creation of waste nor Playhouse of hate – like

-we -have -no- soul?!                                                                                          


Here even here Sing, before

hell hangs Debate. I once was a child but

now I know my soul, my mind, my life,

leave, shut that cage,






In an Age of Rude….

I get this !

Listen. watch when you can,

interview  shortly …




Did I suspect ..?

Dear God,

Sometimes it is worth the wait, for a dream to come true. Even dreams and wishes change. Didn’t we all know that ? And yet, this is a new thing, to know how much a person can be humbled within, to change. To never mind insult. To not even notice hate. To forgive move on, be smacking grateful for the view. Dearest Lord, did You know we could all change this much ? Esp me ?

Did I even know – I was a painting ? An instrument – strung with tension, chord and bar ; that this and that would be the song in the dark, in the light, in the roof top and other unheard of places…

Did we know the bigger picture – how could I at least – am this size, I thought, these here were just arms and feet… these here, were just eyes and ears and nose and toes… how could I have known, these are what tones and melodies, or discord are made of…

but now that I know – ah now that I know, and its been made clear… am staring anew, dear God…  there’s so much now I may not misunderstand….

never realised we are your song…



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What happens when you pray ?

Conversing with you lord is edge-less words

wrapped with sounds of an Universe, opening,

re- opening my life,

like pages

of a book You wrote for me ….


You keep writing for me,

endlessly, as if,

as if there were just one of me to love,

is what prayer means to me…


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How many voices in your throat

Multi voiced blind singer – MUST SEE ATTCH :  did you know of the world’s 37 ? million people, 15 million blind are from India ?

Key facts

  • 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide: 39 million are blind and 246 have low vision.
  • About 90% of the world’s visually impaired live in developing countries.
  • Globally, uncorrected refractive errors are the main cause of visual impairment; cataracts remain the leading cause of blindness in middle- and low-income countries.
  • The number of people visually impaired from infectious diseases has greatly reduced in the last 20 years.
  • 80% of all visual impairment can be avoided or cured.


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Films & the human mind

Subconscious Creative Editors and Directors exist in little and large desks deep within and surface like busy ‘shoe-maker- elves’ , to re- re- rewrite our stories.


Can a movie- doctor the way we think ? What we do, what we watch, when we are least self conscious, is who we really are…maybe…..

“Mamaiji” (Grandmother): A Short Film By Oorvazi Irani.

“Mamaiji” (Grandmother): A Short Film By Oorvazi Irani. Runtime: 6 min 55 seconds

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This one is for You

This one is for you

and very esp. for Anisha, and  Mona K. For Dips and Bebe… am sorry if have left anyone out, but if it’s on L&L here -or any of my sites and you are my friend, or we read each others’ blogs, this is for you if you like it. I looked it up ‘ cuz it said   This is the best Commercial ever..’… what it turned out to be is something more…

May you find today, what you are looking for : Be it Health, Wealth, Wisdom, Peace.  You are awesome and the world would not have been the same without your breath in it…





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