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In an Age of Rude….

I get this !

Listen. watch when you can,

interview  shortly …





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Hold me inside

Hold me, deep inside

like I never let you before

like I never knew you before

now it’s different, you and me

one temple, one oracle one breath

my God my God

how much I have denied you your rights

how much I have defied my own power

to survive, Thrive

hold  me inside out inside

beloved father mine

Hold me

Hold me

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“Your love has set me free”

What was a scribbled page in a not so good Valentine’s Day turns Vlog ?!
“What on earth is a Vlog ?” I ask as she sends me her link.
” Oh it’s a blog with video… You didn’t know ?”
” Huhmphzxsged,” I reply. 1526082_719297838088927_463113779_n

What can you tell a 20 year that she doesn’t know already, what can you say about anything that you really know in a time that is falling off its ears and elbows, in a decade of rush and cool and chill and somber, oh and Professions that you must do, or else ! This Kid spends waking, sleeping moments in the one thing that obsesses her enough to at times turn my hair blue. ” Ma, all I want to do is music. ”

So we say yes. Uh. So, what are your plans.
“Hey, I have a gig.”

“Alright, that’s nice…”

Our little girl goes where all my guardian angels fear to tread, but not hers. What makes a musician : genes, training, talent, challenges, education- fatigue, a scream for freedom from norms, demands..? I’m asking, not just as a mom, but as a human. Am tiring, and very quickly, tiring of the sound of a loveless earth yelling for answers in ways that defies all.
Listen to this, the voice of a 20 year old – true love nothing less, and Vlogging on my blog page, she got the nerve but what if she hadn’t?! I like nerve. Like it when GenNext has guts to stand tall on a tough day and make it good.

Vihan Damaris

Your love has set me free..


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“In the shadow of the cross..”

(Picture Courtesy Dietmar Roller. MId East, Crisis Camp, this month)

As I look at these photographs, I see Love not war ;  the hands of a friend, a true friend.


I had said we would write a few words with these pictures of a relief camp this month, but words fail as silence tears me up. Under the picture below * run these  words “ No hope.” I asked, “Why?”

*This was the answer from Deitmar Roller , “.. because She has lost everything.”


Keine Hoffnung “No hope’ (Dietmar Roller)

We are 7 billion, we too have lost all if we have lost Voice.

If there is illness, should I now believe in  illness; if there is pain, must I forget there is Healing ? At what point in the coming days of our life, must we forget people outside our immediate families…

” These things happen,” we say now and then. ” What can one do ..?”

Perhaps there is more to do than we realise. There are people risking their own lives, to bring a meal, a box of medicare to people in crisis. Am personally taken aback by their goodness. Nothing startles me anymore, as much as Perfect Love that is willing to go the extra mile.

Am stunned at my own inability to do a thing besides this Post.

Thank you Dietmar Roller for the Photo-share.  To you and people like you,
Peace !


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Soul Ballet 3

Yeah though I trip thru’ this Valley of the Shadow, I fear no evil for You were here, are here; and here and even…

here. Hush my soul, listen, lay your heart in your skin,

rushing like an un-combed twin river, like an uncombed mane of Joy, as if it were normal in this decade of madness, Goodness and Mercy follow me!

I,a bruised reed, but not broken.             Oh my soul, not broken.



(Inspired by the 23rd Psalm)


Soul Ballet 3.

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Praying drives me crazy!

Praying drives me crazy!.

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” Daily Dose”

We met again at the street corner, who was to know we wore bare feet and had pawned our last bangle, who cared !

Hot coffee poured brilliant, in misting steel as rain slid down my shirt. He would not take a coin for the warmth he gave us…

Pubali Dutta ”Daily dose” Colored pencils on Canson 300GSM ,25 X 17.5 ( inches) Photo reference from my very dear friend, extremely talented Nandini A Gogoi

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Wings Like Eagles

Sweet Rains

IMG_1324 eaglecloud_smqt “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” —Isaiah 40:31

I took this photo almost five years ago from a bus while on a road trip to see Sight-n-Sound’s production of “In the Beginning”. The Lord blessed me with His presence in many ways that day and renewed my strength. I hope you are blessed and strengthened as well.

Edited to add the link to the original blog post from my old blog, which goes into more detail of how the Lord blessed me that day:  The Spreading of the Clouds

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Paying Guest

Inside, a sleeping angel breathes, waits..

Is this her home, or mine ? Why are we so different ? It feel so strange to write this down :

this, what I’ve always suspected.

Am I host, or guest. Do I ask permit, the next time I fly into a rage, throw a war, break into dark…

whom do I ask ?


Photo: Somewhere in by michael_hamburg69 via Flickr.

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World War II: Photos We Remember

Whatever the reason, Please somebody stop it. Ban it. Kill War

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