The ultimate sin

Tears finally fall not for the dead, but for the Indifferent.


Painted window. RNoel

Paint on glass RN


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Speaking silence

When you are very very still, inside,

it can seep out of you, out the door, into the streets..

I wonder if we can, all of us 7 billion, be very very still, together;


imagine that – 7 billion of us, Still



it will not be the same again,




Photo: Max Gasparini

Max Gasparini Photo

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Father I kneel


Hope falls flickers flows from my eyes,

like a Psalm; Your gaze shifts mine

from shadow to Light. Life. Oh what blindness of the spirit that

darkens Hope. You guide me up a trail torn with peace. I taste the blood flowing

down mud and tears, for me. That is so unbelievable, and yet, here like this, stripped of

other securities,visited by mortality, I kneel, Father I kneel at Your feet gazing into the most

powerful Face..






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Pray with me

This thirst unquenchable,

pray with me, yeah it seems wearying-foolish from afar,

but from here, up close, up front against a diagnostic’s table


here : where the Spirit of Life overflows, this thirst for the Spirit of Life,


pray with me, into the Light

the darker it gets, the more I see Him, no more need for clarification,

He has no need of the sun, no need of scalpel or knife, He speaks

these words, these things like clay, breathe again :

not just for me, dear one, not just me.


2013-12-05 07.09.55



( From ‘INTO THE LIGHT’ : Innerdialects)

* James, 1.17, adapted  ‘the giver of every perfect gift : Father With whom there is no variation or shifting shadow*

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You sing over me ?

I had no song today,


I lay on the black and ivory keys and heard


How could I have known You sang over me that way

I had to get speechless, I had to go naked blind wretched


I had to shut up, I had to listen…


Vision RayN

Vision. RN

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25 + Songwriters on the Art of Songwriting


What does it take to write a song ? Soul, Reggae, Contempo-Rock- Ballad- Inter-culture-street -jazz-blue-Indian-urban-black-white; from All time Greats to  New music, what goes into the making of this indefinable thing called a Song ?

1526082_719297838088927_463113779_n Vihan

“Odd for me to have to think about the process of a song.
The melody, the lyrics, the chords, the form?
Call me a nut, but thoughts in that direction drive me numb.
All I know is, the song starts, and it’s done.
I don’t write songs, I get them. I don’t plan chords, I feel them.
I don’t hum around, I recognize. I don’t play with arrangements, I realize.
Songs aren’t bound by mortality, nor let loose by eternity;
they sit deep in hearts whose home has room enough in it,
eventually eating into the other rooms, until the house is filled with it.
A song to me is a gift…

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I can no longer write, only stare at ..


indiscriminate passions…



( Half word Poem only completed by Nature )



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“I know for sure Love saves me..”

I love the woman you were to all of us Maya Angelou : thank you.

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All Girl Band Bangalore

End of Silence

Sometimes I am too shy to pray …but not today, not after we tore like that, and skies spewed black, a million poets in the streets, and corpses..”  I wrote this around the riots in Mumbai, Waiting to Dance was the title, and it got me thinking how easy it is to write or even sing some pretty words, but to be who you are inside out 24 x 7, that is a tough call these kids take seriously. This is spirituality right off the mouth of babes, literally.

Last night there was this Facebook Notification from an All Girl Band Bangalore, sweethearts the lot of them but don’t be fooled by their sweetnesses. 

These are 2014 lassies with no issues except one:SAY IT like it is inside, never mind the race out there, the maddening politics and silent violence, never you mind these are the much touted ‘End Times’ Waabaa waabaa. I am impressed enough to write this one for them, for they pass the acid test of genuinity. Ask me how.

Hey it is tough to talk about God and associated goodness. This is Age of Cool, sour and some. Hangout or just plain hang, who bothers to ask. We maybe Suicide Capital, Bangalore, am I supposed to know why. If the vibes off this Band are anything to go by, am thinking this is energy you don’t want to mess with. “End of Silence”  are College raw, 19 – 20 year olds with eyes like stars and you don’t dare ask,”Where next girls ? ..

Isn’t this tough enough in a city with crashing schedules, manic traffic and crime..? Where do you get the nerve to stand long hours of rehearsals, time snatched between classes, between Projects and a zillion things you know best that you sacrificed because you girls had to meet ? Hey, sure I know now you’ve won Inter-college prizes eeeenough – even though Sound check was not at its best, even though this and that could have been better…” 

Read This, from their Band Description ;




“…that I might sing praises to you and not be silent.” Ps 30:12
An all-girl band that bonds over Contemporary Rock
‘End Of Silence’ (EOS), inspired by the band ‘RED’, is to us a name packed with meaning- the power of prayer, the refusal to keep quiet our Savior Jesus, and the raging beauty of worship.
While popular trend may say Gospel music is boring, we can testify to the thunderous passion of God who storms His love into our lives. We want people to know that He is the reason for our existence, and if we allow Him to be our Savior, we would need nothing else.
Our band is not merely about the momentary pleasure available on stage. It’s about holding hands in prayer before we begin, the fleeting smiles at each other, the way we lay our souls bare in worship and the hugs afterward no matter how we may have messed up. We are a medley of cultures and we’re absolutely blessed to have each other!
(End of Silence)
Impressed, but more with their passion for life than anything visible/ audible first off. Face it, there are Bands and Bands, great talent, the works. These kids barely get a Place where they can jam, co-ordinate schedules, chords ; one can imagine what lies beneath the surface. Expenses, tears, a string that broke right when it shouldn’t have, a bad review, down days, peer pressure, achy lil heart breaks and yet…
this one lifts the heart. All the best girls. We need more of you, and where do we get to hear you closer ?
Best wishes,
Innerdialects 🙂



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Verse of the Day – Luke 8:24

The Bottom of a Bottle

Luke 8:24 Luke 8:24

I know I once walked within a storm and I am thankful that He calmed it for me.

We have come, as one heart
As one voice, to join Heaven’s
Endless song on the earth
Lifting up our adoration
Towards Your throne, praises rise
Songs of love are now ascending
For the King, for the Lamb
Who gave His life to save us

Holy, Holy, Holy
All of Heaven cries
Worthy, Worthy, Worthy
For You were crucified
[the] living creatures call out
[and] all the elders fall down

A sacrifice of living praise
We bring our all for You have beckoned
Us into a holy place
A holy love, Your very presence
[and] now we stand [in] wondrous awe
A glory cry we raise to Heaven
With holy hands and lifted hearts
[our] eyes upon our Savior

Holy, Holy, Holy
All of Heaven cries

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