Healed by a wound



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by What would never

let go


I do not understand

Your kind of Love

how could I


How could I.




My worst kept secret


Darkness told me of the Light

eyes portrait person girl

how it shrank from Its density

told me of Light’s path, Its ways

how nothing could kill It,

It just went on, as if It were immortal,

as if darkness itself were just Its absence.


Light fell like Rain in my eyes

It dripped my desert

dripped It dry – my life was never the tunnel

was never the tunnel –







inspired by

https:// thedarkesttunnel.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/monsters/


a quantum of holiness

unbolt me

a little vagrant sleeps under a church ladder
shares his bedding with a lame puppy and deaf adder
he has never tasted sweets or sugar scones
his usual dinner is leavings, skin and bones

one beautiful summer day right after the mass
someone spat a throat lozenge onto the grass
it shined beneath the sun like a real gem
blameless, faceted, wet from mucous phlegm

little vagrant retrieved the lozenge with trembling hand
unbelievably happy as though he’d won a big grant
but he wasn’t the only one who had reached the prize
the puppy was looking at him with pleading eyes

some people aren’t dogmatic, have never attended church
their lives can seem useless, their family’s honour besmirch
but on that day it was the lord’s supper under church ladder
little vagrant shared his first candy with lame puppy and deaf adder


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Stalked by a Healer



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Death died,

I’ve been stalked by a Healer.

He hangs my gallows in the

vale of the shadow

of doubt, yeah here

black and white dead die diving

disabilities, disabled

by the River of Light-

self-destruct – murdered

black and white photo of holding hands

loss, lost

emptiness, emptied

poverty, bankrupt

rejection rejected,

low light photo of opened book


tempests stormed,

war, bombed

beautiful bloom blooming blossom

heartbreak, broken-

pickpockets, stolen,

loneliness, de-friended,


I don’t know how, but just now,

death died,

I’ve been stalked

by the Healer….


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A wish for you


I wish you everything I never said, not because I would not;

humans are so limited,

we are made of blood and bone, but pray like gods and goddesses,

so I spoke for you at an altar made of homes,

that you would never fall, except into peace you deserve,

except into acres of songs you never heard, within kingdoms you never knew you

owned, right there right there – 

may you dance like you never knew you would, sing with the thing you never understood

ay God is good, He is good.

Little girl, eyes like black diamonds


we were close, 12 minutes, 40 seconds,

in a pavement warm,

with a million suns,

not mother and child,

just distant citizens



Listen close
touch the skies within
as if there are no fences
cry, like an eagle
like children in the street
picking rags
our countless rags…

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Listen to the earth, with the skin of the Toes of your head,
The earth Murs, and Whirps,
She bings and snores,
such words like we have no ‘phabets* to spell!
Just crash flat in the soles of your bones,





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